Carousel begins.

Christopher tm at
Wed Aug 24 21:55:26 EDT 2005

Prepare to renew.

Friday nights. Pool tables. Darts. One of those tabletop videotrivia
thingies. Exotic food and beverages from around the globe.

A certain DJ returns...

From one of the Hivemind that brought you Lipsvc and Iniquity comes Carousel.

Every Friday at Ray's Marlin Beach Bar & Grill (Butler Ave. in
Lawrenceville). 10 p.m. - 2 a.m., no cover, 21+.

Not a "danceclub" so much as a new hipster juke-joint for the doom &
glam set. Not so heavy on the thud und oontz this time - though, yea,
it shall have its place; listen for modern and classic
Electro-Computercore, Gothic guitar god goodness circa 1982, Eastern
Bloc Technopop, Cold War Coldwave, glitzy Glamrock from before the
Dawn of Man when the drums and guitars were real but the blood was
fake. Plus... Nu Wave, No Wave, Eighties obscurities, and that wiggly
thing with the fake German accent.

Drink! Dine! Dance! Build sandcastles while wearing vinyl!

The Future is now and its success depends on you. Please join us.

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