anyone heard of Voices of Masada?

Jordan Harris jdecay at
Sat Jun 18 10:57:11 EDT 2005

The last time I was in London, I saw them when they played a concert with
Midnight Configuration.

They were definitely what I'd describe as old-school goth rock. Echoing
guitars, drum machine, deep vocals, throbbing bass.

Very by the numbers, yet they ran a tight ship, so to speak. Even if they
weren't the most original band in the world, at least they did what they did
well. And one of the band members looked like Paul Rubens gone goth.

Depending on how much they're asking, I think there might be some interest.
They'd certainly appeal to fans of the Drowning Season and people who miss
guitar-based goth.

Another band that played that night was called the Scary Bitches. That's a
band I'd highly recommend to anyone. Very tongue-in-cheek a la early batcave
stuff, like if you crossed Specimen with Alien Sex Fiend, except it's all
Ms. Fiends.


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> has anyone here heard of a new UK gothrock band called Voices of Masada?
> if so would there be any interest in an all ages show?
> -mt
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