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Kelly Ashkettle kellyashkettle at
Mon Oct 3 13:22:14 EDT 2005

manny at wrote:
>> hard to know without being there. But I think I'd probably have to try to
>> find some investors and open a venue.

> A venue that is exclusively goth/industrial can't work here unless maybe
> it's as small in size as the BBT
Maybe not exclusively g/i. It'd probably have to be goth/alternative/punk/indie/electroclash.

> bigger '400-500' shows: Mr Smalls Theatre. Which has taken all the tours
> that used to go to Laga. Credit to them for stepping up their game so Pgh acn
> have a solid midsize joint.
Where is Mr. Smalls Theatre, again? I'd heard of it, but never went there. Isn't it hard to get to?
> everyone else has packed it in because they can't pull off a rivethead's wet dream 300+ 
> event in a club with industrial girders whose walls are painted jet black or whatever. is it 
> about the style or is it about the substance?
Both. It's music. Music includes style.
> Thus, instead of the rare six-per-year 'event' style show presentation previously pursued by 
> Ceremoniacs, now a show can be presented cheaply and easily, on ANY day a band wants > to come through town, with little fuss and muss. In other words, goth/industrial has become > DIY/indie. The way it used to be before the danceclub mentality crushed interest in live 
> music.
I dunno, Manny. It sounds like some people miss their wet dreams.


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