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Jeremy is so right about the cost of taking a band on the road. Costs that
have to
be incurred just to go our and present what you've got to say musically and
make a living is outragous. Just putting a group of guys in a van with their
and going on the road is bad enough.On the next level, for example the cost
of leasing
your typical tour bus can run from 2k per week up not including driver and
This of course is just transportation. Add in hotels, road crew, promotion
insurance, yada yada yada. and its completely insane. Its a wonder that any
lower to mid level
acts still do it......So please go out and support your favorite bands when
they come to town.
It aint all young girls in rubber and all the whiskey you can snort yanno.
Its a tough life
out there on the road. The music Biz is a dirty, dirty business. I know,
I've done a little reading
about this stuff somewhere....;).....T.
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> > manny at wrote:
> > ...The way it used to be before the danceclub mentality crushed interest
in live music.
> > whatever. is it about the style or is it about the substance?
> There once was a time when Duke Ellington could tour with a 15 piece
> orchestra and actually make money doing it. Can you imagine what a
> band with 16 guys in it would have to charge today? Who can afford
> that now? People could afford it in the 30s because there were only so
> many ways to go out and have fun, and live music was one of them.
> Motion pictures became more popular in the 40s and 50s, as did
> recorded music, and it was no longer financially feasible to tour with
> 16 guys, because people could go to the movies instead.
> I think it's really hard to say that dance clubs killed live pop
> music. Live music is very expensive, and people today have far more
> entertainment options than they did 20 years ago. Video games are
> gaining popularity at an explosive rate. You can enjoy them at home in
> your clean, warm house which is full of food and drink and if you're
> lucky, people you like, and lots of them even have great music in
> them. Movies also have entertaining music in them. So do millions and
> millions of iPods.
> Multimedia experiences are becoming the norm. The idea of entertaining
> ones self by concentrating on music and only music may become as
> antiquated as silent movies.
> And even if you think that the indie musicians have better or more
> substance than what's on VH1, which I strongly doubt, who cares?
> People can get substance from novels, which cost less than the 12
> bucks to get into an indie rock show, lasts longer, and if you want to
> read a novel, you don't have to sit in some folding chair covered in
> some strangers sputum. And anyway, there's more depth to Mariah Carey
> than there is to Le Tigre or Duke Ellington. Seriously, compare these
> two cherry-picked choruses and tell me which one says more about the
> nature of humanity. One is currently the number 2 hit on Billboard,
> one is Le Tigre, and the one is by Ellington.
> I gotta shake, shake it off
> Just like the Calgon commercial
> I really gotta get up outta here
> And go somewhere
> My Fake French is hot.
> You can't make me stop.
> Got nowhere to run to baby.
> Come on turn it up!
> It don't mean a thing
> If it ain't got that swing
> Doowa doowa doowa doowa doowa doowa doowa doowa!
> I do believe that live music *can* be a very special experience for
> the performer and the listener, but I don't have any illusions that
> anyone wants to pay me for what I think is a special experience, or
> that there could possibly be a sustainable industry based around my
> special experiences, because people are having very special
> experiences all the time for dirt cheap.
> - Jeremy
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