Suicide Girls?

Christopher tm at
Sat Oct 15 02:45:01 EDT 2005

On 10/14/05, andrea wennesdae <wennesdae at> wrote:
> How many nudie sets does 'Miss Female Empowerment' Suicide Missy have up on her
> site?  NONE!! She is an attractive, hip, alternative woman, right? Frankly, I think its
> hypocritical. She is a business woman. Thats all.

Worse, she's a figurehead.

Also, fetish and "alt" models run the same risks as the tan-n-bleach
Barbies in the rest of the porn world; the illusion is that somehow
"our" pale-n-spiky girls are wiser, stronger, and can kick your ass
whenever needed often evaporates when real-world pressures collide
with the fantasy. You think you're empowered until you realize you've
been pimped.

There _are_ exceptions and I'm not anti-porn, but - and let's face it
- men are scum... I don't care how many lip rings you have, if you're
naked in front of a camera, the guy holding the contract owns you. Or
thinks he does, which amounts to the same thing.

I'm going to stop before I hit full-rant.

Missed the Revolution 'cos the queue was long, but I bought the
t-shirt and downloaded the song...

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