DARK ARTS CORRIDOR fest Sun Oct 30 @ Garfield Artworks & Modern Formations

manny@telerama.com manny at telerama.com
Thu Oct 20 13:51:08 EDT 2005

next Sunday October 30
goths and rivetheads, pagans and beat junkies, do not despair.
live dark music invades Penn Avenue for a Halloween festival!

welcome to the DARK ARTS CORRIDOR

8 PM at Modern Formations, 4919 Penn Avenue   modernformations.com
Jordan Decay spoken word/dark ambient
Xiphoid Process  darkambient/powernoise
Requiem  darkambient
Vequinox  pagan folk

8 PM at Garfield Artworks, 4931 Penn Avenue   garfieldartworks.com
Cyberstructure  EBM/industrial
Syne Lapse Variate  dark IDM
Fr/action  EBM/industrial
Styles for Modern Living  synthpop
Xanopticon  breakcore  (on Germany's Hymen Records)

admission is only $5 which covers both venues. all ages are welcome.
free beverages and snacks provided.
band starting times will be staggered so audiences will get to see every act.

54C and 86B buses will take you there.
see you in the darkness!

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