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What Batz, you're going as a huge, white blobby balloon???  Who is Number One?  
Two years ago, I dressed as Mr. Quimper from Grant Morrison's graphic series THE INVISIBLES. Last year I ended up as The Harlequinade (, minus the toilet =)... and trust me when I say you've never seen so many drunken frat guys so pissed off because they caught themselves checking you out!  I almost got in several fights because I was "taking it too far".  Meanwhile, this year I commissioned a friend to sew me some Pan-pants, but she couldn't find hairy fabric in colors other than hot-pink, slicker-yellow and white.  (And I was not going to go as the "abominable snow-Pan"!)  

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I seem to like obscure/cult costumes. Last year I was Cabbage Head
(from Kids In the Hall). This year... well, ever seen The Prisoner?

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