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Mind you, the 88 appearance was at a time when their quality was declining.
Their original take on tribal industrial and dark noise (e.g. 'Nomad Souls') had
been replaced by the imitation
of Big Black/pigfucker that is 'This is Truth (etc), and I don't think they did
their classic dance number either ('Tribal Warning Shot'). That later 12" they
did ('Carnivora, meat is good to eat') was pretty funny though!

However that was a time when the Midwest was producing some interesting
takes on Neubauten/Test Dept/TG-inspired industrial - Boy Dirt Car and F/I for
example, as well as Hunting Lodge.

> Man, I would rub my left teat with nettles until the milk comes out to  see
> Hunting Lodge perform live.  Of course, I hadn't even heard of  Hunting Lodge
> until about '95 or so--about the same time I had the best  bottle of wine
> I've ever purchased (an 1988 Cabernet sauvignon,  surprisingly from
> California).
>   Sadly, the only Hunting Lodge I have in my collection, even now, is on this
> comp: www.discogs.com/release/134510
>   Perpetually living in the wrong place and the wroooong time...   ~sc'eric
> In  summer 1988, I did the three industrial/experimental shows at the
> Wightman School, including Hunting Lodge and Algebra Suicide etc.
> In  fall 1988, I did a dozen or so shows at the Foundry, and Norm did some
> too. He did Volcano Suns for example. Sink Manhattan came back then.
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