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Then you should check out the Lappetites. Eliane Radigue is a similarly
prominent experimental/electronic composer from the same generation as Amacher.
The other three are younger (AGF is the much-acclaimed Antye Greie-Fuchs).
Their 2005 debut CD was one of the Top Ten albums of last year in
The Wire.

You know I put out a 7-inch for Kaffe on SSS and booked her entire first two
US tours, right?


the lappetites is a laptop group
playing with digital and sonic linking
games for composition.

4 woman from different background
and different generations.

regularly active as solo artistes all over the world
they have recently come together in the lappetites
to check out ways of live sharing and poaching sound
and data from each other as a means of composition.

elaine radigue (france)
kaffe matthews (uk)
ryoko kuwajima (japan)
agf (germany)

> On 3/29/06, Deeann M.M. Mikula <deeann at d33ann.com> wrote:
> >
> > That right there reminded me of that Kaffe Matthews show of yours that
> > I went to at the MIT.  It still ranks as the best music I have ever
> > seen live.  I think, honestly, that I ended up drooling because my
> That Kaffe Matthews show was indeed the awesome.
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> gwen.
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