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Sc'Eric (aka darkFIN) darkfin6012 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 4 09:44:31 EDT 2006

This week in <( theAbyss )> with dj.darkFIN...
  This Thursday evening on The Lion - 90.7fm, a special live studio performance...  
  Experimental Music Depicting the Passion of Christ  
  Tonight's  show will present a full-length collaborative performance in three  movements, melding the darkambient electronic styles of Goose with the  harsh noise of experimental artist Stolen Light.  Both projects  are the brainchild of State College electronic musician Brett Lunceford  and appear courtesy of Zaftig Research records. 
  Here's an invitation from Brett: 
  Hola all-
  I will be performing this Thursday evening on the Lion 90.7fm with the  illustrious dj.darkFIN, who I'm sure you all know by now. I will be  performing a piece called Mercy, Justice, and Equilibrium. If you want  to check out the nifty flyer, go to: www.stolenlight.com/flyer.pdf. 
    Here's the relevant information: 
   Who: STOLEN LIGHT (noise) and GOOSE (dark ambient)
   What: Mercy, Justice, and Equilibrium - experimental music depicting the passion of Christ
   When: April 6, 2006 -  7pm-9pm Eastern Daylight Time
   Where: The Lion 90.7 FM - you can listen online at: www.Lion-Radio.org
   Why: Because darkFIN asked me to and gave me the inspiration to do it.  
  Tune in and tell me what you think. We will likely be spinning other  music of a spiritual nature such as Controlled Bleeding, Current 93,  Sleep Chamber, etc.
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