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I sat on this for a week to see if I'd read it any differently... I  think you guys got waaay too defensive about a playful little comment  that was intended to be useful.   Granted, I understand that  emoticons will never substitute for a real human body--esp. in bed--but  c'mon.  The remainder of the post should've clued you in to my  intentions.  In any case, I apologise for any miscomm...
  What I should've said (but neglected to) was how on several occasions  the site would be there one minute and gone the next on reload.   Yes, I know you already understand the situation and I understand that.  [!?]  But I still wanted to make it clear that I was not trying to  be confrontational with you guys about the site you provide.  Of  course, it's hosted by people in the scene and with their own  money.  That's the way these things usually work.  And it's  obvious that you've put a lot of time into it.  But I see no  reason to get confrontational about one simple comment about something  you might've had no control over whatsoever.
  When the [DeusProject] guys in State College were using a different  hosting company--when they actually had a useful website--the servers  were constantly going down.  That's when the webmaster started  soliciting other people's help to keep track of when it was going  down--so that he could bitch to the hosting company and demand  reimbursement.  If this was the case for you guys, I'd have  offered the same help, esp. considering that I'm on the web when a lot  of people are asleep.  No need to be paying for a service you're  not receiving.
  That is all.

gwen <gwenix at> wrote:  On 4/1/06, Sc'Eric (aka darkFIN)  wrote:
>  As for the "bare" thing.... I was ASS-u-ME-ing that was simply
> the way the webmaster had things mapped--which, from what I understand,
> would be a simple fix.  There were times when you HAD to type the www.
> These days, it's mostly unnecessary.  And the some folks might assume that
> it's NEVER necessary... which could lead to a decrease in new online users
> and (hence) event-goers....

The reason it works in the cases it does is when www.domain maps to
the same server as domain -- in that case it's a simple ServerAlias in
the Apache configuration.  In the case of, is
going to an entirely different server than (and the
server for itself is down right now, as explained before)
and needs a bit more work to get it to redirect to 
When I get's machine back up, I'll try to find the time to
get that redirect going.... but honestly, it's not high on my list of

Plus, I invite you to go to and see if that works. 
Not all places allow the bare domain without the www, for similar
reasons to why we haven't had it.


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