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Mon Apr 10 14:36:24 EDT 2006

On 4/9/06, Sc'Eric (aka darkFIN) <darkfin6012 at> wrote:
>   When the [DeusProject] guys in State College were using a different  hosting company--when they actually had a useful website--the servers  were constantly going down.

We're not actually using a hosting company.  That's a pretty big
difference.  Understand that we all run our own servers, and are
running them either on DSL lines, or at Telerama's colocation
facility.  This is a much more DIY thing than what you're probably
used to.

I spent a lot of money on parts for the new nvnsvch this past weekend,
and forgot a couple vital things, so couldn't actually get it working.
 I will be working on it again this coming Saturday, hopefully getting
it working.  Plus, it'll be brand spanking new on the inside, with a
2.667 Ghz processor (it was 667 Mhz before).  I'm hoping this means
that the parts hold out for the next couple years, rather than me
having to go back to the coloc because the CPU DMA controller died or
something stupid like that again (dee can remember duct taping the
power cord into the last incarnation of nvnsvch since it was loose).

In the meantime, I'm making the DNS more reliable by using pairNIC's
free services.  This should be more reliable as of tomorrow.  Note: will definitely not work, since I'm not setting up records
for it at all.  I am setting up records for the following:

Can anyone think of any other subdomains I'm missing?


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