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Kelly Ashkettle kellyashkettle at
Fri Apr 14 16:11:00 EDT 2006

I think updates are Bradley's territory.
  When updates do get made, I have a few more humble requests:
  1. Night Sky Productions on links page =
  2. The Miss Gothic Pittsburgh Pageant 1999  on links page = broken images
  3. Where is the link to this FAQ?
  I think updating that FAQ is Ray's territory. If updates get made to it, this section should be removed:
  "Alexx of Resonance Productions (smr71 at has taken over most of Night Sky's contacts and will be hosting many of the larger events to come."
  You may wish to replace it with something about Mordant Productions:
  Thanks for all the hard work that everyone does to keep this site going.

manny at wrote:
I noticed is back up, hooray!

however it still needs some updates on the linkage.

on the concert page, links need to be eliminated for venues that no longer
exist, including: Backward on Forward, Peach Pitt, The World.
'Memphis/Zythos' needs to be updated to Z Lounge.
and finally, new links need to be added for: Garfield Artworks, Modern
Formations, Smiling Moose and Brillobox, among others.

on the linkage page, the following links need to be eliminated:
Millvale Industrial Theater, Post Modern Sluts.


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