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Indeed, this guy has a host of credentials - most recently, he's working with Black Tape for a Blue Girl on their new album. As is, I might add, Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls.

Quite curious to see how that will turn out. But Martin Bisi's own music does seem quite interesting as well.

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> Martin Bisi, has been an influential NY rocker since the 80s, not only
> with his own songs and musical creations, but also recording classic
> albums by Sonic Youth, Material, Herbie Hancock (Rockit), Afrika Bambataa,
> The Dresden Dolls, Swans, John Zorn, Helmet, White Zombie, Cop Shoot Cop,
> Foetus, Serena Maneesh and Ex-Models. In his own band, Martin Bisi [band],
> he plays guitar and sings. His new album veers between moody, psychedelic,
> poppy and harder rock. The sound is mostly dense and rich in instruments
> and multiple vocals, but then also edgy and quirky. Bisi's persona can be
> raw and confrontational, as well as funny and self effacing. The songs are
> mostly entertaining vignettes of love and obsession in NYC. The multiple
> female characters in the songs inspired the elaborate artwork in the 20
> page booklet, and the album title Sirens Of The Apocalypse.
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